…And Then She Kissed My Hand

I think my wife and I agree that the one thing we wish we'd done was to learn more Spanish before landing in Cuba. I think the experience would have been far more rich (and made the country a great deal easier to navigate!) had we done that. Never did I wish this more than when I met this woman while walking the side streets of Varadero. She spotted me first, and I can only imagine that she … [Read more...]


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Un Hermoso Perro

As far as I could tell, there aren't a lot of designer dogs in Cuba. However, I saw several Chiuwawahas, and this little Cocker Spaniel who watched me with the same curious look his human counterparts tended to have as I walked by them in Varadero.  … [Read more...]

I Rented a Car Just to Visit This Building

Well, not only this building but, when I saw it, I exclaimed out loud "I have to come back here with my camera!". You see, we'd driven through Matanzas as part of a Jeep Safari tour (highly recommended!) where I couldn't stop to take photos, hence my desire to return and linger in what turned out to be a very beautiful and interesting city. Some of my favourite images - of people and places - … [Read more...]

Varadero Cliff Beach Cove

The Sol Palmeris was the resort we stayed at in Varadero. Right next to us was the lovely Meliá Varadero (shown in the background) but, like in Hawaii, the beach along all of the resorts is open to explore. My son Christopher and I noticed that there were people swimming in front of the rocky shoreline located in front of the Meliá, so we decided to check it out, and were we ever glad we did. In f … [Read more...]

A Lesson in Ownage

This amazing character nodded as if to grant me permission to photograph him and then proceeded to stare back while I took this photo as if to say, "I own you, Mr. Photographer". Click on the image to see a larger version. … [Read more...]