A Very Chillin’ Dragonfly

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Beauty… Hidden in Plain Sight

Some of the images I'm most fond of are the ones I've taken right outside my front door... or back door as the case may be. Today's post is a perfect example. These two photos are macro (close-up) images of ice formations with snowflakes stuck to them. I took them just feet from the back entrance to my office (Telus Plaza, Edmonton). The beauty in these images goes mostly unnoticed simply because … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Masked Spider

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Devonian Botanic Gardens Butterfly Day – May 27th

I took this photo in the late fall inside the Devonian Botanica Gardens Tropical Show House¬†where they have an amazing collection of butterflies just waiting for you and your camera. Checking their website, I notice that the Gardens is having a Butterfly Day on May 27th! … [Read more...]

Glass Slipper

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Altered States

I love macro photography. There is nothing quite like looking a little closer at the seemingly mundane world around us and finding something magical - like this bit of snow melt I photographed on the shore of the North Saskatchewan River, right in the heart of Edmonton. … [Read more...]