Foreground vs Background

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Existential Crisis

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Weathered and Worn

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Two Images In One

I'm always fascinated at the different atmosphere and emotions that color versus black and white photos can evoke. Which do you tend to gravitate toward - color, or b&w? On another subject, you may be interested to know that the photos below are part of a newly created category I'm now posting under called "Rural Decay and Abandonment Photography". I hope you enjoy viewing this series as … [Read more...]

Stone Building Ruins

I was on my way back from a one day, whirlwind photo journey to Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta when I had to slam on the brakes to visit this roadside rural decay attraction. There are lots of old, wooden shacks still standing in rural Alberta, but very few made like this. The use of stones sure makes one wonder about the builders... … [Read more...]

Fenced in Alberta Prairie Sunset

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