Day 5, B&W Photo Challenge

For the last day of the challenge, I re-processed an image that is very close to my heart. This is a photo of my son, Christopher, about one year after he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The image is special to me because it represents hope and happiness. Ask any diabetic, or parent of a diabetic, and they will tell you the first year after diagnosis is tough, and we were no exception. What … [Read more...]

Day 4, B&W Photo Challenge

So, today, something new. Or, rather, something old that has never been processed before. I really don't have a lot to say about today's post other than, I think Lightroom performed admirably with this image. No trickery here - just a classic truck, sitting in a prairie field on a frosty winter morning. Feeling cold, yet? … [Read more...]

Day 2, B&W Photo Challenge

For day two, I reprocessed an image containing three of my favourite subjects: Sunbursts, rural decay, and winter. This has not been one of my most popular images, but that won't stop me from loving it. As I said above, it's got much of the subject matter I'm most strongly drawn to. Not only that, but it's got an insanely wonderful range of tones - from bright whites to dark blacks, and … [Read more...]

5 Day B&W Photo Challenge | Day 1

Jon Rendell tagged me on the b&w challenge a couple of weeks ago, and now I've been tagged by Jeremy Witteveen.¬†However, because I've been transitioning from Apple's Aperture to Adobe Lightroom, I've decided to revisit some of my favourite b&w's to see how well I can reprocess them in Lightroom. I also thought I'd provide a bit of commentary for each image, to give my readers some insight … [Read more...]