Muttart Geometry

Edmonton's Muttart Conservatory is a photographer's paradise. … [Read more...]

Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA)

My latest feature on outstanding Edmonton architecture takes us to a wonderful place that I've only just recently gotten to know - the Art Gallery of Alberta, or AGA for short. The AGA is a remarkable building. From its west and south facing sides, the passerby is treated to a fascinating combination of curves, sharp angles, steel and glass. I was curious about how this concept was arrived at, … [Read more...]

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Edmonton

So far, all of the architecture I've been featuring has been built in the last 30 years... glass and metal has been prominent in those structures. Not so with today's featured building. The Hotel MacDonald - affectionately known as "The Mac" by Edmontonians was built in 1912 by Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. It was one of several luxury hotels built across Canada - all of which are now owned by … [Read more...]

Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton

I'm continuing to have boatloads of fun photographing outstanding Edmonton architecture. Today's victim was/is the Shaw Conference Centre or, "The Shaw" as most Edmontonians have come to know it.  The Shaw was designed by local architect James Wensley and opened in 1983 (Wow, I can't believe it's been that long!). It's home to countless special events, corporate dinners, concerts and (you guessed … [Read more...]

Grant MacEwan University City Centre Campus, Edmonton

Continuing with my interest in photographing Edmonton's outstanding architecture, today's post features the Grant MacEwan City Centre Campus. The university is named for noted educator and politician Dr. John Walter Grant MacEwan. Initially a community college (Grant MacEwan Community College or, GMCC), construction of the downtown campus began in the 1990's. Its development added greatly as a … [Read more...]

Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton

Following up on my trip to the Peter Hemingway Fitness & Leisure Centre, this post pays tribute to another one of Hemingway's contributions to Edmonton's architecture. The Muttart Conservatory was completed in 1976, and is a jewel nestled in Edmonton's river valley that ranks as one of our finest architectural icons. You can view more b&w photos from this series at my Muttart Conservatory … [Read more...]