LogiCON 2012!

I want to tell you about something cool that’s happening right here in Edmonton – this coming weekend (April 14-15). I’m going, and will be photographing the event so come join me, and get your geek on at LogiCON! The event will be held at the Telus World of Science, and registering gives you free access to all the the exhibits in the facility. The cost is $16.95 for one day, or $26 for both days (with free Quizno’s lunch on Saturday) – it’s a super value! The description for LogiCON follows the first photo below. Oh, you can also find information and message the organizers on the LogiCON Facebook page.

Logicon is a two day event bringing members of the scientific community together with the general public to celebrate logic, critical thinking, and the scientific method. Logicon is for everyone: there will be talks from a variety of speakers for both the longtime science enthusiast and the curious beginner alike.

Presentations will be on a wide range of topics and are usually short lecture-style talks with ample time for questions, and this year we’ve worked hard to boost our family-friendly content and have some fantastic kid-friendly speakers with some hands-on demos and activities lined up. You can get a pass for two full days, come by for just one day, or even drop by for a talk or two. It’s up to you!

Logicon 2012 topics include black holes, the Large Haldron Collider at CERN, forensic anthropology, non-Euclidean geometry, the effect of video games on our brains, endangered species monitoring and management, dark matter, how to read the news with a critical eye, dinosaurs, energy and the Alberta oil sands, the future of foods, and the science of superpowers.

Mark Iocchelli is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada fine art photographer specializing in images of the Canadian prairies, urbex (urban exploration), rural decay, homesteads, abandoned farm houses, barns, automobiles and machinery. Signed, limited edition prints of the images you see here are available upon request.

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