Day 2, B&W Photo Challenge

For day two, I reprocessed an image containing three of my favourite subjects: Sunbursts, rural decay, and winter.

This has not been one of my most popular images, but that won’t stop me from loving it. As I said above, it’s got much of the subject matter I’m most strongly drawn to. Not only that, but it’s got an insanely wonderful range of tones – from bright whites to dark blacks, and wonderful lines and textures (you may already be seeing a pattern on only day two of the challenge).

It was a challenge to process this image in Lightroom in the same way I was able to in Aperture. As I lamented in a post on Facebook yesterday, considering how long it’s been since Aperture was updated in any substantial way, it still does some things easier and better than Lightroom. First Example: Sunbursts are rendered much more beautifully in Aperture. I had to work very hard in Lightroom to approach what I wanted out of the sunburst in this image. Second Example: The way Aperture and Lightroom approach b&w filtering are very different, leading to very different outcomes, and I prefer Aperture’s method – it reminds me of my old days in the darkroom, whereas Lightroom’s method seems very limiting to me from a creative perspective. I was eventually able to get this image close to how I liked it when it was processed in Aperture, but it took a helluva lot of work to get it there. While Lightroom was the clear winner in yesterday’s image, Aperture wins today, simply because it didn’t get in the way of my creative vision the way Lightroom did.

I’d be interested in hearing from other photographers making the transition from Aperture to Lightroom. Agree on my points above, or have you made your peace with Adobe? Please let me know in the comments.


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