Cubanos En Color

I tend to edit most of my street photography in monochrome, but these screamed "colour!" to me so thy shall be done. … [Read more...]

San Rafael News Distributor

It's a bit of a shame that I never bought a newspaper while I in Havana. Even if it was in Spanish and I could barely understand anything in it, I'm sure it would have been interesting to get a glimpse into what's important to Cubans. On the other hand, I doubt the news could be anywhere near as interesting as the man selling it. This is definitely one of my favourite street photos from Havana.  … [Read more...]

White Velvet

[Read more...]

Sequel to the Bridges of Madison County

What - you've never heard of The Clothes Lines of Havana City? … [Read more...]

If You Visit Cuba…

...and don't take a photo of an old man smoking a cigar, did you really visit Cuba? I think the smoke rings floating around him are a nice touch.  … [Read more...]

Classic Cars of Cuba

  It really wouldn't be a Cuba trip without posting at least a few photos of classic cars, now would it? … [Read more...]