Lonesome Traveller?

Another moment in Cuba where I wish I could have better spoken the language. The way this fellow was packed, I assumed he was travelling the country, but I wasn't positive, and couldn't form the words to ask him. At any rate, he had a very peaceful, worldly aura about him. I wish I could have known him better. … [Read more...]

…And Then She Kissed My Hand

I think my wife and I agree that the one thing we wish we'd done was to learn more Spanish before landing in Cuba. I think the experience would have been far more rich (and made the country a great deal easier to navigate!) had we done that. Never did I wish this more than when I met this woman while walking the side streets of Varadero. She spotted me first, and I can only imagine that she … [Read more...]


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A Lesson in Ownage

This amazing character nodded as if to grant me permission to photograph him and then proceeded to stare back while I took this photo as if to say, "I own you, Mr. Photographer". Click on the image to see a larger version. … [Read more...]


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Interesting Places, Interesting Faces

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