Edmonton, Alberta Landscape Photography

Wishing Your Life Away

"I wish winter would end. I wish summer were here". I hear this sort of thing quite often here in sunny, but often cold, Alberta. Don't wish your life away. You live in Alberta - home of amazingly beautiful winters. Make the most of it! … [Read more...]

Blackened Paradise

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Ode to Monet

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Alberta Badlands | Dinosaur Provincial Park

I've wanted to make a trip to the Alberta Badlands for over two years, and finally made it there for a whirlwind trip. I was up at 5AM and was back home at 10PM! I photographed a lot less than I could have - seriously, if you get chance, you must spend at least a weekend there - the area is sublime in its beauty. I plan on taking my family there for a camping trip next summer. The Badlands are an … [Read more...]

Lake Wabamum Sunset

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Earth Versus Machine

At one time, this tractor worked the earth. Now, the tables seem to have been turned. … [Read more...]