Edmonton Fine Art Photography

Around the Bend

Photographers love the Art Gallery of Alberta. It's not hard to see why! … [Read more...]

Imagining Particle Physics

ETS tunnels are undoubtedly among the most photographed things in Edmonton. Great lines! … [Read more...]

Heavy Duty Sky

On the evening of Friday, September 23rd, I was treated to an amazingly beautiful sunset in the west end of Edmonton. I was rushed to pull over and photograph it, which led me into the entrance of a new development. This turned out to be a fortunate thing since the heavy duty landscaping machinery that was parked there only added to the drama! … [Read more...]

Hogwarts… Edmonton?

The Hotel MacDonald provides some extra drama for a very beautiful winter sunrise. This photo gave me my 15 minutes of fame. … [Read more...]

Edmonton Nightscape

This was taken just prior to the old Rossdale Power Plant being decommissioned - you can even see a crane in the foreground beginning the work. Also, very cool is the Telus Baseball Field which is bathed in surprisingly nice green light. … [Read more...]

Awaiting your orders, Optimus Prime!

A unique view of the Shaw Conference Centre. A friend told me it reminded him of the face shield on a gargantuan robot. Autobots transform! … [Read more...]