Edmonton Fine Art Photography

Peter Hemingway Fitness & Leisure Centre

I've been wanting to photograph the Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure CentreĀ for quite some time and finally spent a few minutes there this afternoon. I envisioned this in black and white and am happy with how it turned out. It's a fascinating structure - both inside and out. There is really nothing like swimming under natural light in a structure supported by massive cables! Peter Hemingway was … [Read more...]

It’s Autumn in Edmonton

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Eye in the Sky

I'll give you a hint: It's a parking lot in downtown YEG. Now go find it! … [Read more...]

McLeod Building Strikes a Pose

The McLeod Building in downtown Edmonton may be short in stature compared to nearby structures, but it's still quite majestic in my book. … [Read more...]


I imagine every city has a back yard like this one located east of Edmonton in what's commonly known as "refinery row". Some might call this scene ugly but, in a strange way, I think it's rather striking in black & white. … [Read more...]

Warp Core Containment

I'm fairly certain Edmonton's Corona ETS station was created out of someone's desire to pay homage to sci-fi movies. I love it. … [Read more...]