Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA)

My latest feature on outstanding Edmonton architecture takes us to a wonderful place that I’ve only just recently gotten to know – the Art Gallery of Alberta, or AGA for short.

The AGA is a remarkable building. From its west and south facing sides, the passerby is treated to a fascinating combination of curves, sharp angles, steel and glass. I was curious about how this concept was arrived at, and found my answer on the AGA site:

Taking inspiration from the city’s unique northern environment and urban grid, architect Randall Stout juxtaposed angular windows against a winding 190-metre steel ribbon that references the forms of the North Saskatchewan River and Aurora Borealis.

Having lived in Edmonton for most of my adult life, and having enjoyed literally thousands of miles running, walking and cycling in Edmonton’s amazing river valley, I can see why Randall Stout took his inspiration from the North Saskatchewan!

Be sure to pay the AGA a visit. It’s lack of mediocrity will be sure to inspire!


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