Northern Joshua Tree

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A Magical Enclosure

One of my favorite things to do is to pick a road - any road - and just go exploring Alberta. And I'm almost never disappointed with the outcome. Case in point, the scene below which I found a mere ten minutes away from the farm I grew up on near Pipestone, Alberta. … [Read more...]

Snug as a Bug in a Rug…

...or a truck under a blanket of snow, as the case may be. … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Alberta

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Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA)

My latest feature on outstanding Edmonton architecture takes us to a wonderful place that I've only just recently gotten to know - the Art Gallery of Alberta, or AGA for short. The AGA is a remarkable building. From its west and south facing sides, the passerby is treated to a fascinating combination of curves, sharp angles, steel and glass. I was curious about how this concept was arrived at, … [Read more...]

Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton

Following up on my trip to the Peter Hemingway Fitness & Leisure Centre, this post pays tribute to another one of Hemingway's contributions to Edmonton's architecture. The Muttart Conservatory¬†was completed in 1976, and is a jewel nestled in Edmonton's river valley that ranks as one of our finest architectural icons. You can view more b&w photos from this series at my Muttart Conservatory … [Read more...]