If You Visit Cuba…

...and don't take a photo of an old man smoking a cigar, did you really visit Cuba? I think the smoke rings floating around him are a nice touch.  … [Read more...]

Classic Cars of Cuba

  It really wouldn't be a Cuba trip without posting at least a few photos of classic cars, now would it? … [Read more...]

Human Perch

There have to be millions of balconies in Havana. While wandering the streets there, if you look up, you can watch people watching people. Sometimes there are extra surprises up there, like this balcony which doesn't look like it would be a good match for someone with even a mild case of vertigo. As always, clicking on the image will enlarge it. Comments are welcome! … [Read more...]

Looking From Malecon Drive Into Old Havana

This is one of those black and white photos that can make totally geek out over the monochromatic tones and textures within the image. I can stare at all those shadows and highlights for a loooong time without getting the least bit bored. As always, click on the image to enlarge it nice and big. … [Read more...]

They Invited Me Into Their Home And Opened My Heart

While in Matanzas I took a drive up the hill to an area that overlooked much of the city, and found a perfect place to park and street to explore. The first home I saw was an incredibly dilapidated structure that I was utterly convinced must be abandoned. I thought, "There's no way someone could live here", and proceeded to take photos of the exterior. A few minutes of photo taking, and my … [Read more...]

Havana At Street Level

The views below are all good representations of what it looks like to walk around Old and Central Havana, but my favourite one - and probably the one closest to a quintissential view of the city - is the first one. This is a view of San Rafael Street (Centro Havana) as it enters Old Havana. You know you've arrived in Old Havana when the population of the streets suddenly quadruples. People who … [Read more...]