McLeod Building Strikes a Pose

The McLeod Building in downtown Edmonton may be short in stature compared to nearby structures, but it's still quite majestic in my book. … [Read more...]


I imagine every city has a back yard like this one located east of Edmonton in what's commonly known as "refinery row". Some might call this scene ugly but, in a strange way, I think it's rather striking in black & white. … [Read more...]

Warp Core Containment

I'm fairly certain Edmonton's Corona ETS station was created out of someone's desire to pay homage to sci-fi movies. I love it. … [Read more...]

Northern Sanctuary

Looking for a nice, peaceful place to go for a walk? Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary is only a few minutes south west of Edmonton - very close to the Devonian Gardens. A trip there will treat you to lovely marshes and a variety of birdsong as you travel through the sanctuary on a well-maintained boardwalk path.  Admission is free but you can leave a donation at the entrance. Oh, and bring your … [Read more...]

Around the Bend

Photographers love the Art Gallery of Alberta. It's not hard to see why! … [Read more...]

Imagining Particle Physics

ETS tunnels are undoubtedly among the most photographed things in Edmonton. Great lines! … [Read more...]