About Mark Iocchelli

Mark Iocchelli is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada fine art photographer who specializes in creating images of the Canadian prairies, rural decay, old abandoned houses, barns, sheds, automobiles and machinery.

Born in Edmonton, Mark spent his youth in the small, rural community of Pipestone, Alberta – a predominantly grain and beef producing area located fourty five minutes southwest of Edmonton, and five minutes east of Pigeon Lake.

Growing up on his parent’s farm gave Mark an early love for Alberta’s rural scenery and wildlife. White-tailed deer, coyotes, prairie fields, dusty, gravel roads, old barns and the long ago abandoned homes of Alberta’s settlers factor strongly in Mark’s love for his home province. These themes pull on Mark strongly whenever he finds himself driving in random directions on any given Sunday (Saturday, Monday…) in search of the next image.

Mark has been a resident of Edmonton for most of his adult life, and takes great pleasure in having captured many of his favorite images only blocks – sometimes even feet – from the front door of his home and downtown office (lunch hour photo-excursions are a common unwinding technique for the artist).

Leaving the “blue hours” largely to others, Mark prefers mid-day sunlight for the majority of his photography – especially when on the hunt for a high-contrast black and white image, or an impossibly blue sky with starburst sun in the background.

And while many lament the arrival of Alberta winters, Mark looks forward to them, and the beautiful, dreamy landscapes and amazing shadowland they bring to his home.

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