There are roughly three stages in getting a website online.

  1. Domain Name Registration: Let’s say your last name is ‘iocchelli’ and you want to put online. Breaking it down, is a domain — so are,, and Registering a domain is a bit like obtaining a phone number — you first have to determine if the domain/phone number is owned by someone else before you can register it. You do this by searching at a domain registry and, if the domain is not taken, you can go ahead and register it. Domain name registation tends to cost upwards of $50 per year (discounts available for multi-year registrations). The process is fairly simple, but if you are novice at this sort of thing, it can be a bit confusing. I can help.
  2. Hosting: Once your domain is registered, it doesn’t just appear on the web. Before your domain can even be visible on the internet, you need to rent (for lack of a better word) a specially configured computer called a ‘server’ or ‘host’ to make your site available to the world. Just like the documents, pictures, videos and music on your computer are stored on its hard drive, a host stores those same files on its hard drive and makes them available to the internet. Hosts vary in price considerably. There are dedicated hosts, semi-dedicated hosts, vps hosts, shared hosts, and so on and so forth. Understanding the various types and prices of hosts can be a bit daunting. Depending on the amount of traffic your site will have, I may or may not be able to host your website. Ask me if you need a host, and we’ll talk. I might be able to help.
  3. Website Development: This is likely the main reason you are here. You need someone to make your site functional with the features you want, make it look great, get it online and work out all the bugs so they don’t drive your visitors crazy. I can definitely help you with that!