Thanks for taking the time to check out Iocchelli Web Design & Hosting. My name is Mark Iocchelli. To eliminate the possibility of an awkward telephone call, my last name is pronounced more or less as, “yo-kelly”.

I’ve been involved with setting up, designing and managing websites for over eight years. The hands-on learning began at Complete Running – a website a friend and I started waaay back in 2004.

For the first few months, we struggled to build Complete Running into the resource we wanted it to be. At that time, we were developing the site in the form of flat, HTML pages – a very time consuming way of doing things.

Then I stumbled on something I still think is the best thing since sliced bread – WordPress. WordPress was first known as blogging software and, since blogging was still relatively new in 2004, my partner and I agreed that, using WordPress, we would become “blog-central” for runners.

We converted Compete Running into a WordPress powered site, and began adding running blogs – all of them powered by WordPress. Before long, I was managing twenty or so blogs. The site grew… and grew… and grew, and my knowledge of how to set up, design and manage a large WordPress powered site grew and grew and grew. Over the span of just a few years, Complete Running became a complex community website, and I became quite experienced and knowledgable with WordPress.

Over the past few years I’ve applied that knowledge creating other sites for myself, friends, family and, most recently, for businesses and organizations. These experiences, coupled with the perfectionism I’ve cultivated in my other life as a photographer, and you not only have someone who can build, but who can build something that looks great.

I build all my sites using WordPress. Why? Because WordPress has grown into a mature, immensely flexible, powerful and customizable Content Management System (CMS). I am convinced that, if you want to build a great site — a site that you love — WordPress is the way to go.

And I want to help you get there.